There is probably no man who does not dream of having a huge penis, using which he will be able to satisfy every woman. Apparently, size does not matter – but is it?

How to enlarge the penis?

Men certainly ask themselves this question. But it is also no secret that women also ask themselves this question. After all, ladies also want their partner to be able to satisfy them in bed, using his masculinity.

There are undoubtedly several ways to enlarge the penis, but not everything works. It is also not uncommon that when we want to enlarge the penis, we simply throw money down the drain, because the supplement or the drug we have decided on does not work. But how do you actually improve your penis size?

XtraSize – a way to get strong erections

XtraSize is a preparation for men that allows not only to enlarge the penis, but also to achieve long-lasting and strong erections. It is worth noting that the use of  XtraSize  is completely safe, because it contains only natural ingredients of plant origin.

Does penis size matter?


It is estimated that the average length of a penis during an erection is about 13.6 cm . In turn, the resting penis is on average, about 8.75 cm in length. The vast majority of women also believe that their partners’ penises are sufficient for them. But many women also fake orgasm during intercourse. Often also without revealing the full legal about the size of their partners’ dicks.

So, from what is officially said, size doesn’t really matter. The honest truth can be quite different, however. A large and effective penis can be much more appealing to women, who are mostly aesthetes. In addition, a large penis also means increased self-confidence. A confident guy always means so much more!

Enlarge your penis with XtraSize!

Penis enlargement by 2 or 3 centimeters  is a lot. Imagine that your penis, or that of your partner, is no longer thirteen, but sixteen centimeters. Will the difference be noticeable and, above all, felt? Definitely yes! What if you manage to enlarge your penis by more than 3 centimeters? Then you or your partner will have nothing to say loud and clear: WOW!

How long is intercourse?

sex, couple, couple sex

According to research, the length of a sexual act in humans varies from 3 to 7 minutes. This time is counted from the moment when penetration begins, i.e. the penis is introduced into the woman’s vagina.

XtraSize – a proven way for longer sex

Not always, vaginal intercourse lasting only 3 minutes will allow a woman to climax. It is not uncommon that intercourse is too short for them. What to do then?

There are different ways to prolong intercourse. One of them is a preparation for penis strengthening – XtraSize!

XtraSize, thanks to its fully natural ingredients, is able to help every man prolong his erection. After all, each additional minute is an additional experience for you and the other party. Every real man deserves a strong and long-lasting erection!

Opinions on XtraSize

You can find many positive opinions about XtraSize on the Internet. Opinions include both men and women.

Below are some opinions on XtraSize topics found on internet forums:

Since using XtraSize my penis is bigger and more attractive. My partner is satisfied. Our sex is longer and more passionate. I definitely came back to life.

John 51y.o.

At first I didn’t see the effects, but I trusted this preparation. I was consistent. And bingo! My penis has grown 4 centimeters. I’m no longer ashamed to undress at the pool. In the end, I have something to be proud of. And I’m doing much better with women. Has self-confidence increased?

Noah 28y.o.

What can I say. I was not convinced of my husband’s idea. In fact, we even had an argument about it. Well, but he bought XtraSize behind my back, and the results didn’t take long to come. He grew up right away. I feel like I have a new, extremely tough lover. And he’s the same guy as before. I highly recommend XtraSize not only to you guys, but also to your partners.

Lucy, 34 years old

XtraSize for penis enlargement

XtraSize – composition

The preparation for penis enlargement XtraSize , as already stated above, consists of natural, plant ingredients.

The plants used for the production of the preparation come from controlled crops, run by certified producers.

The XtraSize preparation includes:

  • Tribulus Terrestris  with aphrodisiac properties. The plant influences the increase of testosterone in the body, contributing to the improvement of erection. Tribulus Terrestris is involved in the release of nitric oxide, which affects the expansion of the corpus cavernosum, which are responsible for a long and strong erection.
  • Maca Root  – This drug regulates the levels of hormones and enzymes in the body. Maca root promotes the improvement of sexual performance and prevents premature ejaculation.
  • Saw Palmetto  – adds vitality and increases libido. It promotes the removal of harmful cholesterol and fatty acids.
  • L-arginine  – participates in the synthesis of nitric oxide and, therefore, increases the flexibility of the arterial system. What is very important, because the more flexible the vessels, the more the cavernous bodies in the penis are supplied with blood.
  • Pumpkin seeds  – interestingly, they strengthen the prostate. They improve sexual performance, brighten the mind and improve the effects of fatigue.
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Where to buy XtraSize?

You can buy XtraSize at the following link: